Solar Hot Water Heaters


Silk Road Solar sells solar water heaters, using solar tubes that are more efficient at heating than photovoltaic solar. The advantages of a vacuum tube system are:

  • They are easy to install and maintain.

  • They work well in the winter even with reduced sunlight and colder ambient temperatures.

  • The system needs no glycol.

  • There is less wind resistance.

  • It is not as sensitive to south facing installation.

  • Dimensions approx: 62 3/8" wide, 78" long, 60" high, 59 1/2" deep if mounted on at 45 degrees. 




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Phase change material


Phase change material utilizes the heat of fusion of a non-toxic material in order to maintain a set temperature. This material can be used to provide either heating and cooling by either absorbing or releasing energy as the ambient temperature deviates from its melting point.

Nanocoating-Not offered in 2018 due high solar hot water demand-


Silk Road Solar nanocoating on windows involves the application of a thin layer of titanium dioxide that reduces the UV rays and heat coming in through the windows . The picture to the left of this is a newspaper that sat under the sun for 3 days after being covered with different things, clearly showing that the nanocoated windows greatly reduced the amount of UV coming through. It will lower your air conditioning and heating costs by around 30-40% in buildings with large windows, and lowers the UV transmission by approximately 85%.